Sunday, July 6, 2014

#BoycottTheBeach campaign is underway, and please post pictures of Non Easthern Shore vacations from DC people

So Rep Andy Harris of Maryland's 1st Congressional District has decide that his own District is not enough and that he'd try his hand at Imperialism by interfering in the vote of the District of Columbia that was truly head and approved by the citizen of the District of Columbia.

And for no reason Maryland's representative is unrepentant about his intrusion and likens it to some parental interference in the life of your kids.  Meanwhile his own District has one of the worst Teen sustminase about issues in the Maryland not the Nation's Capitol.

As reported by MikeDebonis the response to this intrusion from the residents and even Mayor Gray by asking Washingtonians and others believers in 1 person 1 vote  who surely agree that Rep Harris is overstepping his bound to boycott the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

#BoycottTheBeach until Rep Harris removes any holds, amendments and himself from District of Columbia matters.

PS. This picture is from North Beach, MD and DC people need to strongly consider it and other vacation spot to enjoy their vacations and it's only 1 hour away from DC.

Monday, June 18, 2012

GOP steals democracy for the people of DC

Why is a GOP congressman making laws for the people of the District of Columbia. Will he help us with other issues or is he just stealing democracy to help those he like make more money?